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16 December
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311, a goofy movie, aaliyah, akeelah and the bee, aladdin, american beauty, baby boy, bb king, belikos, ben harper, big mama thorton, bio-dome, bizzy bone, bob marley, bone thugs-n-harmony, boondock saints, brick & lace, bun b, casablanca, common, con air, daddy's little girls, damian marley, damien rice, dave matthews band, don't be a menace, donnie darko, edward scissor hands, ella fitzgerald, erykah badu, etta james, fats waller, ferngully, fight club, finding nemo, forest gump, frank sinatra, fugees, george orwell, ghost world, goo goo dolls, goodfellas, hook, incubus, janes addiction, janet jackson, janis joplin, jill scott, jurassic 5, just about any musical, kem, kissing in the rain, labrynth, lauryn hill, league of their own, led zeppelin, madea's family reunion, making music, mall rats, marvin gaye, michael jackson, mike posner, muddy waters, mysterious skin, n.e.r.d, o.a.r., painting, party monster, pink floyd, pink floyd the wall, prince, princess mononoke, pulp fiction, rasputina, requiem for a dream, rocky horror picture show, sade, sade adu, sex and the city, showgirls, sin city, snow, snowboarding, spooning, spun, star wars, tekkon kinkreet, the beatles, the blues brothers, the breakfast club, the color purple, the doors, the godfather, the graduate, the hours, the little mermaid, the mars volta, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, the roots, the warriors, the yeah yeah yeahs, theireyes were watching god, third eye blind, thunderbirds are now!, thunderstorms, tupac shakur, untangling tangles, untying knots, utada hikaru, v for vendetta, wine, ziggy marley